Word Search

The Language of Leadership:  A novel way to ‘seek and find’ the elements of your reviewing discussion.

Type of Activity:  Processing

Props Needed:  A large-scale version of a word search puzzle. (Click Here)

Concepts:  Here is a reviewing technique which incorporates the linguistic style of multiple intelligence.  By visually searching for key words and phrases which identify important teambuilding and leadership topics, participants individually and as a group consider the possibilities of each of these being a part of their recent challenge.

Process:  At the completion of an activity, the facilitator rolls out the word search puzzle before the group.

Participants are asked to find as many words as possible, especially those related to the topic at hand (such as leadership, cooperation, creative problem solving, etc.)

When a word has been identified, the entire recommends whether this word appropriate for inclusion in the teams effort.

The format of the word search puzzle can be a simple 20x20 grid of letters, or a larger 15x60 grid which can be rolled up, or a dartboard pattern circular grid.  The word search can even take the shape or form of a corporate logo, emblem, or symbol.

The facilitator can also choose to provide a blank grid initially, and throughout the program add some of the key words used by the group during the program, and then use this word search as the final review session for the day.

You can even consider a word search in a foreign language, or with multiple languages for multi-cultural groups.

Where to find it / How to make it:  Create your own grid pattern.  One suggestion is provided on the next page.  Be sure to print large enough for members of the group to be able to easily read the letters.


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