Winless Zax

Type of Activity:  Conflict resolution / Processing

Props Needed:  The Sneetches book


1. Read The Zax Story, up to the last page (save that for later).

2. Ask the students to get into pairs.

3. Introduce the win-win grid.

4. Ask students to decide what is happening with the Zax at this point and recognize that they are involved in a lose-lose situation.

5. In their pairs, ask them to create as many win-win solutions as they can in 90 seconds.

6. Have them each choose one to share with the large group.

Debriefing Topics:

  • How many win-win solutions were we all able to come up with in just 90 seconds? How is it possible that we can come up with so many in just a short period of time?
  • How did the Zax show disrespect for each other?
  • How does a win-win solution show mutual respect?
  • When you have conflict with someone, how do you usually react (e.g., get quiet, yell, walk away)? Use yourself as an example—share your style of dealing with conflict.
  • Have you ever tried figuring out a win-win solution?  When?


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