Wind Up Challenge

Type of Activity: Problem-Solving, Change, Energizer

Props Needed: Webbing circles

Set Up: In the Walt Disney Movie, Lady and the Tramp, there is a great scene in which the two main character dogs are sharing a bowl of spaghetti. At one point, both dogs begin slurping on the end of a long strand of spaghetti, only to find that they are in fact eating the same strand of pasta, and ultimately end up in one of the classic cartoon kissing scenes in motion picture history. The Wind Up Challenge has a lot less contact than this now classic scene.

This activity originated with two participants simultaneously performing the W.A.M.F. activity when time was running out. You can include talking, or simply make this a wind up challenge activity.

Process: Begin my making a clearly visible line at the midpoint of an untied Raccoon Circle (on both sides of the webbing). Next, hand each end of the webbing to a person, and instruct them that on the count of three, they are to begin winding the webbing around their index finger as quickly as they can, and to keep on winding the webbing until they have reached the center point. First one to reach the center line wins, but only if there is no twisting of the webbing between them and the other challenger. A twisted webbing disqualifies both challengers. So now we have a bit of problem solving along with the challenge. Get to the center without creating a twist in the webbing.

Debriefing Topics:

  • Did you strategize with your partner before beginning?
  • Did you view your partner as competition or an ally?
  • Who actually ‘won’ in this activity?

For resources:  The Book of Raccoon Circles, Webbing

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