What You Say

Type of Activity:  Processing

Props Needed:  A Jumbo deck of playing cards, Playing cards, primarily non-face cards, and those between one (ace) and five, are best.  You also might want to split your group in half if you have more than 12.

(idea shared at the TERA conference)

Process:  You can play What You Say in a number of different ways (another way is listed in the Get To Know You Section).  The basic idea is to deal one Card to every participant in the group.  Then each participant will give the number of responses to the question asked that is equal to the number on their Card.  You can use the Aces as wild cards—Participants can give as many responses (up to the highest card given out) as they want.  For example, ask each participant to give positive feedback to as many people in the group as the number indicated on their card or, if the number they have is 3, say 3 things you want to remember about the activity.

Variations:  You could use the face cards for relationship questions.

  • Kings:  talk about some of the leadership qualities you observed.
  • Queens:  talk about some of the helping behaviors you noticed.
  • Jacks:  talk about a set-back you noticed during the activity.


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