What I Know, What I Wanted to Know, What I've Learned

Type of Activity:  Processing / Feedback / Evaluation / Closer

Concept:  This model is especially useful for a skill based activity and quickly provides an evaluation umbrella for an entire program.

Props Needed:  None

Process:  Begin with asking participants to share the following:

"What I know" about _______________(canoeing, backpacking, glazing pots, playing the guitar, etc).

Next, it is valuable to ascertain "What I want to know" in order to direct the program to the needs of the participants and keep them fully engaged.


"What I've learned" is excellent feedback for the program and will direct the next step..."What else I want to know..."

This activity is great for providing feedback to the group, facilitator, and provides individual reflection on the many pieces in the activities, program, and overall experience.

Variation:  Use this as a opening activity to see what your group thinks they know, want to know, and are looking to learn. This may help you guide the group through the coming experiences a little better.



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