Wagon Wheel Tag/PacMan

Type of Activity: Energizer

Props Needed: Snow or gym floor you can tape to.

Process: Picture if you would a wagon wheel.  It is round with a lot of spokes coming out from the center, right?!  If you are doing this in the snow, stomp out a giant wagon wheel with several spokes protruding from the center of the wheel.  If you are in a gym that already has lines on it, you can use the lines that are already in place, or put tape down in the shape of a wagon wheel.  Up to you.  After your wheel is done, instruct the group to find a place on the wheel.  Ask for one volunteer to start out as ‘it.’  That person starts out in the center of the circle.  It’s a basic tag game, however you must stay on the lines of the wheel and you may not pass  anyone in front of you or behind you. Participants can not jump lines but must walk to a connection spot to switch lines. Whoever is ‘it’ starts out in the center.  They can choose whatever spoke they want to start towards the participants.  Participants can travel either direction on the lines.  The idea is to stay away from the person who is it.  When someone is tagged, they become ‘it’ and start from the center of the circle.

Variation: Use a rubber chicken to designate who is ‘it’.  It’s a great visual and it makes the tagger more obvious.  Also, with using the rubber chicken the new ‘it’ would not have to start from the center of the circle, they could start from the point of the tag. Also known as “Pacman” when using gym floor lines.

Debriefing Topics:

  • What strategies did you come up with while playing the game?
  • Did you team up with another participant to make the game easier?
  • Did a decision you made early in the game come back to bite you in the end?  What was it?

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