Traffic Jam

Source:  Adapted from an activity in the upcoming book, What To Do with a Few  by Michelle Cummings.


Props Needed:  Sticky notes, coins, small objects


Directions:  This is a high-level cerebral puzzle.  You will need one space for each participant, plus one extra. Arrange your spots in a line or a semi-circle formation with one extra spot in the center of the semi-circle.  Assign one spot to each person and have everyone face the center spot.  Using the following moves, people on the left side of center must end up in the places on the right side, and vise versa. 


Legal moves: 

  1. A coin may move into an empty space in front of him/her.

A coin may move around another coin that is going the opposite direction into an empty space.


Illegal moves: 

  1. Any move backwards.
  2. Any move around a coin going the same direction.

Any move which involves two coins are moving at once.


This can be a very frustrating activity for some people.  It may need to be halted at some point and then debriefed.