TP Shuffle

Type of Activity: Problem-Solving

Props Needed: 12'x1' tarp, taped piece of floor, or log

Set Up: lay tarp on ground away from any obstacles. Ask the group to all stand on the tarp.

Process: Decide a certain order you would like the group to line up.  See suggested list below.  Have the group line up in the order you decide without stepping off of the tarp.  Create penalties for touches, such as having the entire group start over, or just one person start in their original position.  Working together is the key to success.

Line-up from:

  • Tallest to shortest
  • Oldest to youngest
  • Birthdays beginning in January through December
  • Shoe sizes, smallest to largest
  • Come up with your own creative list!

Variation: This is a great tool to use with the Traffic Jam activity, also in this kit.  Invite the group to figure out the Traffic Jam puzzle without stepping off of the tarp.  This is extremely hard.

Debriefing Topics:

  • What were some challenges you faced trying to maneuver around each other?
  • What were some strategies that you came up with?
  • How did you communicate with your teammates?
  • What was frustrating for you?

For variation write up purchase "Silver Bullets.”  

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