Touch Someone Who...

Touch Someone Who...

This activity is one I learned at an AEE conference a few years ago.  I adapted it to use with a deck of playing cards.  One of these days I'll get around to writing the sequel to Playing With a Full Deck.  I already have about 20 new activities using playing cards...

Props/Materials Needed:  Deck of Playing Cards

Directions:  Have the group sit comfortably around the room, either on the floor or on chairs, such that they have space for others to walk around them.  This is a very moving closing activity and should be done in complete silence.  Split the group into 3 or 4 equal groups by having them choose a playing card (heart, diamond, club, spade).  They should not show anyone else their card.  Make sure you have equal numbers of each suit to pass out.

Ask everyone to take a seat and close their eyes.  They should keep their eyes (and mouths) closed for the remainder of the activity.  Explain the activity while all are sitting with eyes closed.

Let them know that you will ask each group at a different time to open their eyes and stand.  Then you will read a statement, beginning with "Touch someone who...". The standing group will then quietly walk around and gently touch the arm or shoulder of someone for whom that statement applies. Again, there should be no talking.  This is a silent and anonymous activity.

Give enough time for the standing group to touch a number of others before reading the next statement.  Come up with at least 3-6 unique statements for each group. After the first group finishes its last statement, ask them to return to their seats and close theirs eyes.  Wait for them to settle in before you ask the next group to open their eyes and stand.  Repeat with all groups.  Allow a minute or two of quiet reflection after the last group returns to their seats.

Examples of Statements:

Touch Someone Who...


Touch Someone Who….

  inspires you

 you admire

♥  you’d like to get to know better

 you think is a good leader

♥  you appreciate


Touch Someone Who….

   communicates well

♠   makes you laugh

♠  you wish you knew more about

♠   is a consistent person

♠   you look up to


Touch Someone Who….

  works well with kids

♦   is a positive influence

♦   works well with others

   you have learned from

   is enthusiastic about what they do


Touch Someone Who….

♣   you are thankful for

♣  is an inspiration to others

♣   is a good leader

♣   people want to be like

♣   has positive energy

It's a nice way to show appreciation to others, even if it is done non-verbally and anonymously.

This activity will be in a future publication either titled, Still Playing With a Full Deck or Not Playing With a Full Deck.


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