Toe-2-Toe, Palm-2-Palm, Cheek-2-Cheek

Type of Activity: Energizer

Props Needed: None

Set Up: You’ll need a nice size open area. Plays well with 2 to 24 participants (even numbers is best, however, this can work with a group of three if needed) for 25 to 35 minutes.

Process: This activity demands a bit of physical muscle movement and stress. We like to warm-up participants with other simple stretches like in Ripples an/or easy muscle movements like in Jump Around before we do this one. Each participant will need a partner (have them introduce themselves if they don’t already know each other). We will always demonstrate each physical action before the participants perform it – either using a participant to help one of us or another facilitator if available.

Toe-2-Toe: Facing your partner, stand toe to toe. Grab each others wrists and SLOWLY lean back into a balanced position until both partners’ elbows are extended (arms are straight). Then each pair is challenged to squat down together (not beyond comfort level) and then stand back up without losing their balance. Repeat if desired to attain a nice flow of squat to stand. Give that person a “high five”, thank them for being your partner and go find another partner (size, most often does not really matter). Have each participant introduce themselves to their new partner and perform “toe-2-toe” with their new partner.

Palm- 2-Palm: Partners face each other about three to four feet apart and place their palms together (do not allow them to interlock fingers). Then challenge each pair to slowly lean forward, bending at the elbows keeping their bodies straight, until their foreheads touch and then press with the hands to stand back upright. Increase the challenge by asking participants to scoot their feet back a “baby step” and repeat touching foreheads and then standing back up (or making a step towards the center before standing if needed). Have them keep scooting back each time for a bigger and bigger lean – looking for the “mean lean.” After each pair has reached their challenge limit have each participant give their partner a “high five”, thank them for being their partner and go find another partner. New partners introduce themselves to each other. Ask each pair to perform “palm-2-palm’.

Cheek-2-Cheek: Partners stand back-to-back (yes, those cheeks) and then scoot their feet forward until the pair is leaning against each other like an “A” frame – heals at least two feet apart. The participant’s arms and hands are down by their sides. Pairs are allowed to press hands together but do not let them link elbows. The challenge is to squat down as far as comfortable and then stand back up together. After a successful squat and stand have pairs high five and thank each other for being partners and keeping each other safe.

WARNING: Each of these actions has its own safety issue – mostly footing issues. Identify and remove (if possible) any hazards and warn participants of any possible dangers. Again, these actions will put strain on certain muscle groups. Encourage participants to pay attention to their abilities.

Variations: You could continue each action in groups of 4. You could also end with a group cheek-2-cheek which can be a good lead into another group challenge like Mono-Pod found in the Challenge and Problem Solving section.

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