Thought Balloons

I Wonder What They are Thinking?

Type of Activity:  Processing, Thought Sharing

Props Needed: large comic strip panels with blank thought balloons, or real balloons, or cardboard cutouts of thought balloons with pens and colorful markers, or dry erase board thought balloons with dry erase markers.

Comic strips and cartoons have used thought balloons for years to help us see what a character is thinking or feeling.  We’ll use the same technique here to review what the other members of our group are pondering.

Concepts:  It can be helpful to see inside what another member of the group is thinking and feeling.  Often these thoughts are comical, humorous, and thought provoking.  This technique allows instant feedback, and keeps an element of humor going, even when the group is facing a serious challenge.

Process:  There are two possibilities for using the Thought Balloon technique.

First, participants can be given cardboard, dry erase board or real balloons and markers during the activity, to share their thoughts as they work their way through the challenge.  This version allows participants to record their thoughts for the debrief session, so that they can say, “well, just before we dropped the ball, I was thinking.......”

Secondly, the group can be given a Thought Balloon or comic strip panel at the completion of the task, so that they can write their own thoughts, feelings or humorous commentary about the performance of the group.



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