Team Resume

Team Resume

Thanks to Tanya for the great idea for this activity.  It emerged from a group of high school students that were having trouble getting jobs.  They were kind of rough looking kids, purple hair, tattoos, piercings…….  They were creating wonderful resumes and then going to the job interviews but not getting hired.  This activity was created to help them learn how to sell themselves without selling themselves out.

Creator:  Tanya Aghazarian and Michelle Cummings

Source:  A Teachable Moment, Cain, Cummings Stanchfield.

Concept:  Team Resume is a great activity to use when trying to encourage individuals and teams to discuss how to sell themselves and their qualities.

Props/materials needed:  Magnet boards and Magnets


  • Give each individual/team a magnet board, word magnets, and picture magnets.
  •  Instruct them to look through the picture magnets and come to consensus on one picture magnet that will be used as their individual logo/team logo.
  • Then using the word magnets they must come up with their Team Resume.  Their Team Resume can have any look they want, but they must present it to you in a presentation format after they are finished.  Explain that they are going to be interviewed as a team and that they will need to bring a team resume along with them. They will need to sell themselves through their teambuilding skills, experience, and knowledge. They may even want to create a team name and/or logo, possibly a team motto, or goal.
  • If you have several teams working at the same time you could set up a scenario in which they are competing for the same job or bid.

Here is some great tips to read to your participants for this activity.

Resumes = Marketing Documents

Effective resume building can help individuals and teams achieve their goals by taking an aggressive approach in Selling your skills to employers, not just listing your past history. Effective resumes are no longer just an inventory of your credentials, or a biography of your work history. Instead, they are meant to market your strengths to potential employers and sell you above your peers - individuals just like yourself who possess the same qualifications, training and experience as you do, and who are applying for the same position as you.

Selling your Skills = Achieving your Goals

In essence, you are competing with your peers for the same position - and just listing your employment history and education does not tell the employer anything different about you than the other 93+ resumes that are already on the hiring authority's desk. So why should they call YOU for an interview instead of anyone else?

Resumes must answer:  "Why you?"

To compete in today's marketplace, the resume must be much more aggressive in bringing out your skills, achievements, talents, abilities and accomplishments to demonstrate to a potential employer how YOU can contribute to their performance, profitability and success. In essence, the resume must answer the question: Why does the company want to hire YOU, as opposed to every other qualified individual who has also submitted their resume? or Why does your team deserve the bid and not the other 5 teams that are applying for the same job?

Have each person/team present their Team Resume to you, the hiring authority, and have them give you a presentation as to why they should get the winning bid.

Where to find it/How to make it?

You can find magnet boards at large retail stores or teacher supply stores.  You can find blank pre-cut magnets at teacher supply stores as well.  Then using different colored markers you can write on different words that you would find on a resume.

Any words that you would find on a resume would work great.

Age variations:

Younger children: pictures only, change name to All About Us Board

Middle school: Provide example team resume, most youth at this age won’t have clear concept of what a resume is.

High School: Create a mathematical formula for a perfect team.

Corporate: Focus on the actual goal of the day, and an action plan for the future. Take picture of the board to be taken back.

Marketing tool: Have a magnet of your program name and web address available for each person to take back.

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