Target Specifications

Type of Activity: Problem-Solving, Communication

Props Needed: Webbing

Set Up: Here is an interesting activity in communication and team coordination. Begin by tying three Raccoon Circles that form different sized circles (i.e. you can either use different length webbing strips, or tie the Raccoon Circles with different length “tails”). You’ll end up with a small (about 3 ft (1 meter) in diameter circle), a medium (4 feet (1.3 meters)) and a large circle (about 5 feet (1.6 meters)).

Next, you’ll need another tied Raccoon Circle to use as the “pitcher’s mound.” Place the pitcher inside the pitcher’s mound, blindfolded, holding a series of soft throwable objects (foam balls, beach balls, a foam noodle, a flexible flying disc, stuffed animals, etc.).

Finally, use several untied Raccoon Circles to form an outer circle, approximately 15-20 feet (5-7 meters) away from the pitcher’s mound (see the graphic below).

Process: The challenge is for a single blindfolded participant (the “pitcher”) to communicate with the remaining members of the team, and successfully throw an object through the Raccoon Circle they are holding (the “strike zone”).

The “strike zone” team holds the largest Raccoon Circle, and chooses a position to stand outside the outer circle.  They must now communicate to the pitcher their location, and instruct them how far to throw the object.

For a successful pitch (in the “strike zone”), the object needs to pass through the Raccoon Circle, without touching either the team or the Raccoon Circle, and without the team moving their feet.

Variation: The strike zone team can move to different positions, even farther outside the outer circle, team members and the pitcher can trade places, different size Raccoon Circles can be used, different objects can be tossed, and (my personal favorite), using a rubber chicken, the pitcher can toss the “chicken ball” for which the strike zone team can only make chicken sounds to communicate their location.

Debriefing Topics:

  • What ideas did you consider before you decided on the correct method?
  • What were some feelings that came up during the process?
  • Did everyone feel like their ideas were heard?
  • On a scale of 1-10 rate how difficult this process was.

For original write ups look in Teamwork & Teamplay, The Book of Raccoon Circles. Equipment at: Webbing

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