T4T - Making the Simple Connections

Making the simple connections...

Don't you love it when you see the proverbial light bulb go off in your participants? We love helping other facilitators make those light bulb connections with a new tool or technique for better processing! One participant had told us he was going to try one of the debriefing techniques he learned...we received an email from him a few days later with reports of success and amazement at how easy it was and what a better experience his participants had as a result.  The technique he tried out was Metaphoric Methods.

Metaphoric Methods are amazing techniques that really let the props do the talking for you. They also give more ownership of the debriefing process to the participants themselves. Debriefing activities can be just as dynamic and engaging as challenge course initiatives or group initiatives- especially with a new frame of mind from facilitators towards recognizing that reflection is not that 'boring thing' that comes at the end of the activity. It is the thing that creates the value and wonder in learning; it is the way ideas come together as a lasting lesson. Instead of 'telling' the participants what they were supposed to learn from the experience, let them make the connections by having them pick a metaphor that matches the experience.  This technique gives the participant more ownership of the learning and allows for a greater transference of the learning back to the real world.

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