T4T - Be on the Lookout

Always be on the Lookout...

I often find myself at toy stores and teacher supply stores looking for a new idea that will spark creativity.  I love finding new stuff to add to my toolbox!  I often get asked how I keep coming up with new ideas for games and activities.  Sometimes the ideas come from just tweaking or changing an existing product that is already out there!

One of my favorite finds over the last few years have been Spot It Cards.  They are so fun and there are several games you can play with them.  The Spot It group recently came out with some new designs and we love all of the different designs they have.  

My tip this week is just to encourage you to spark that inner creativity with trying something new.  The Spot It Cards were designed to be a table game like many other card game, but with a few tweaks to the rules, they are now some of my favorite ice breakers, problem solvers and debriefing tools!  I want to encourage you to take a game that you have played for years and change a rule in the game--just to see how it changes the dynamics of the game.  You may just create your next favorite game!

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