T4T- Attend Conference, Professional Development

Attend Industry Conferences for Professional Development
Being involved in your profession is important to keeping up with standards, what's new in activities and concepts. Conferences are a great place to make connections with these but also get an opportunity to meet with other professionals who work in the same or similar field who might be experiencing or have experienced something you may be struggling with, celebrating, or discovering.  At Training Wheels we use Conference as a time to connect but also be a place for facilitators and trainers to connect with us as well as share our new concepts. So find a conference near you and connect. You never know what great connection, insight, mentor, or even job you might find through the connections you make.
Join professional societies that promote quality programming. Find out what AEE, ACCT, ACA, ASTD, NCCPS, NSEE, IAL, ICORE, AORE, and
NASAGA stand for and join at least one of them. Attend their conferences to further your professional development. Many authors and veteran presenters attend and present their best practices at these annual conferences. Networking opportunities are plentiful and you can go home feeling refreshed (and possibly overwhelmed!) with new information and material to implement into your own programs. Better yet, present a workshop at these conferences, and share your knowledge with others.
In case you don't feel like searching:
AEE, Association for Experiential Education
ACCT, Association for Challenge Course Technology
ACA, American Camping Association
ASTD, American Society of Training and Development
NCCPS, National Challenge Course Practitioner Symposium
NSEE, National Society of Experiential Education
IAL, International Alliance of Learning
ICORE, International Conference on Outdoor Recreation and Education
AORE, Association of Outdoor Recreation and Education
NASAGA, North American Simulation and Gaming Association
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