Step Into the Circle

Step Up, Speak Up, Step Back

Type of Activity:  Processing

Props Needed:  A large circle, drawn with sidewalk chalk, or with a long rope.

If you remember raising your hand to speak in class back in elementary school, here is a grown-up version designed to make sure every voice gets heard.

Concepts:  It a person cares enough to speak up, there should be a place for their voice to be heard.  This simple reviewing technique helps to make sure that every person that has a comment, gets to have their say.  The circle also creates an environment where every person can see every other person in the group.

Process:  At the completion of an activity, the facilitator leads the group around the perimeter of a circle that has been created on the ground.

Next, the facilitator steps into the circle (modeling what they are about to present), and informs the group that all those entering the circle can have their say.

Explain that after you ask a question, anyone wishing to answer, or just to voice their comments, is asked to step into the circle, so that each person might be heard.  When you are finished, step out again.  If someone is speaking and you wish to comment, step into the circle quietly, and begin to speak only when the other person has completed their commentary.

This process continues until everyone has had their say and everyone is standing on the outside of the circle again.


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