Steal the Bacon

Type of Activity: Get To Know You, Energizer

Props Needed: Webbing tied in ‘hanks’ (tight ball)

Set Up: Here is a familiar playground game that works well with a Raccoon Circle. Wind the entire Raccoon Circle up into a tight ball or “hank” (like you might wind up an electrical cord or long section of rope).

Process: Now place the ball/hank below the person guarding “the bacon.” Other group members attempt to touch or steal the bacon, without being touched or tagged by the guard. If touched or tagged by the bacon guard that participant is out of the game.  The guard is not allowed to sit or stand on the bacon. Even though this is typically only a game, some interesting problem solving strategies and teamwork evolve during play. The more tightly wrapped the Raccoon Circle, the tougher the challenge. The longer “the bacon” the easier it is to steal without being tagged.

Debriefing Topics:

  • What strategies did you come up with to protect the bacon?
  • What unique pan did you consider when trying to steal the bacon?

For original write up purchase "Book of Raccoon Circles" by Cain & Smith. 

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