Soul of Sole II

Type of Activity:  Processing

This creative processing activity uses the dominant wear patterns on a participant's  shoes. 

Concept:  Having participants answer different processing questions based on their dominant wear spots on their shoes.

Props Needed:  Soul of Sole II Reflexology chart (Click Here)

Set Up:  Pass out a Soul of Sole II sheet to each participant.

Process:  Tell them to look at the bottom of their shoes and find the 2-3 dominant wear spots.

Match your dominant wear areas to the sole map.  Using the reflexology-inspired questions as a guide, reflect on today's program.  Go around the circle and ask each person to share one of the questions that matches their dominant wear spots.

Where to find it/How to make it:  You can find Reflexology charts in most spa and body shops.  Copy the sheet on the next page and pass it out to your participants.


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