Six Count


Executive Marbles, by Sam Sikes

The Empty Bag, by Chris Cavert and Dick Hammond


Set Up:  Enough room for participants to move their arms around freely.



  • This can be done seated or invite participants to stand.
  • Make sure everyone has enough room to move their arms up and down straight out from their sides. Ask everyone to start with their arms down at their sides.
  • First, everyone count to 6 – “One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six.” Good. Now using the right arm you’re going to count and add some movement. On “One”, a straight right arm goes up, out to the side and stops straight up overhead in the air. On “Two” back down to the side the same way. On “Three” the arm goes straight back up overhead. On “Four” is back down to the side. On “Five” straight up again, “Six” back down to the side. Good.
  • Then move to the left arm. On “One” a straight left arm moves goes straight up overhead. On “Two” the left arm moves down but only half way, stopping when it is parallel to the ground. On “Three” the arm goes all the way back down to the side. At “Four” the arm goes all the way back up again, on “Five” down parallel to the ground, and on “Six” it’s back down to the side. You might like to practice each arm one more time.
  • The ultimate challenge is to put both arm movements together at the same time! Try this a few times starting out slow and building up speed.
  • After some laughs stop the action. Let them know they can practice later on their own if they want to master it.


Facilitation Points:

  • Practice this ahead of time so you are proficient at it before you present.
  • Doing activities like this help wake up the synapsis between the left and right hemisphere of the brain.


Debrief Topics: 

  • What strategies did you come up with to make it easier?

· Was it difficult to split your actions? Why?