Set Your Own Route

Grade level: 5-12

 Equipment:  Blank Route Maps specifc to your wall for each group.  Different colors of Masking tape or electrical tape.


Objective:  To allow the participants to take ownership of their climbs and set their own routes.

Description: Divide your class into small groups of 4-5 participants per group.  Discuss route setting and use and existing route on the wall as an example of what a route looks like.  Talk about what makes a route a good route, i.e.  uses a lot of the wall, interesting moves, safe executions, etc.  Give each group a blank route map.  Have them write their names on their route maps so you can save them for future reference.  Instruct them to take their time and put some thought into their routes.  Make sure that there is adequate time for each group to visualize and map out their route.  After everyone is finished, ask them to share their route with the class.  If the route is deemed safe by the supervising adult, have each group mark their routes with colored masking tape or the MagNet Discs.  Give each team a different color roll of masking tape and/or MagNet Discs to separate the routes.

Rules/Safety/Accommodations: Students should follow basic climbing wall rules.

Facilitation/Reflection Questions:

1. How did it feel to create your own route?
2. Were there any leaders that emerged in your planning process?
3.  What was difficult about setting your own route?
4. Complete this sentence: I really enjoyed today’s activity because…

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