See Ya!

Type of Activity: Get To Know You

Props Needed: Webbing circles

Set Up: Spread several Raccoon Circles around on the ground (about one for every four or five people).  Now place four or five participants into each Raccoon Circle.

Process: The object of the activity is to have participants discuss some things that they may have in common, and then to decide which person has the most (or least, or best, etc.) of these.  For example, in your groups of four or five participants, find out who has the most brothers and sisters.  The facilitator should allow the group about a minute or so to discuss this, and leave a bit of time to learn the names of everyone in the circle.  Then, the facilitator says loudly, ‘one, two, three,” and the rest of the group says loudly, “See Ya!” as they bid farewell to the person with the most brothers and sisters.  This person then moves on to another circle.  For those circles where a member has left, but a new member has not yet joined, encourage them to say loudly, “over here, over here, over here!”  Once a new member joins a group and learns the names of the folks there, a new question is given to the group, such as, “who has visited the most different countries?” which typically not only brings about the number of countries, but  perhaps a few stories about some unusual or interesting locations that the folks in the group have visited.  After a few minutes, “one, two, three……...See Ya!”

For additional time or to learn a bit more about the other folks in the group, the facilitator can have two questions for each encounter.  The first should be a topic for discussion that they whole group can discuss and for which they are likely to have something in common.  For example, what is the best deserts you have ever had?  Then the second question can be a brief one, followed by “one, two, three…See Ya!”  Find some interesting topics for “See Ya” and room to add your own below.

  • Who has the most books in their personal library collection?
  • Who has watched the most videos or movies this month?
  • Who has the most unused fitness equipment?
  • Who has traveled the farthest distance from here?
  • Who has the most unusual name?

Debriefing Topics:

  • Tell the group something new you learned about one of your fellow participants.
  • What did it feel like to be the one searching for another group to join?
  • Were you sad to leave your original group?
  • How did it feel to have your group leave you to move on?

For original write up purchase "Book of Raccoon Circles" by Cain & Smith.  

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