Help is on the way

Type of Activity: Processing

Props Needed:  None

While many elements of review focus on the positive elements of team performance, this activity requires the group to consider those skills and talents which still need additional work to be fully successful. 

Concepts:  While many review techniques encourage group members to reflect on their skills and talents, this technique provides the opportunity for individuals and groups to safely reflect on those skills which they need to further perfect.

Process:  The facilitator explains the classic form of the Morse Code S.O.S. message (which consists of three short pulses (dots), three long pulses (dashes) and three more short pulses (dots)).

This code is used by those in need of assistance, and is generally an urgent call for help.

In the case of the most recent teambuilding activity, the S.O.S. message is a call for specific assistance to help the group complete the task with a skill or resource that they do not presently possess.

The facilitator can limit the length of the S.O.S. message, requiring the group to prioritize the skills and/or materials they are seeking.  Individuals can also submit their own requests for information, skills or resources.


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