Running the Numbers

Source:  Contributed by Tim Walther, Grand Dynamics



  • Online participants are challenged to put numbers in the chatbox as quickly as possible.
  • During this timed event, team members must take turns, not repeat any one person twice in sequence, and if a number repeats in the chatbox, the team starts again.
  • No talking during the trials, only in between attempts. 
  • Participants will need to create a system for who is going when then execute efficiently. 
  • The same idea can be used in spelling our a phrase relative to that team.  IE: Team spells out Team Performance as quickly as they can, each person doing a different letter.  


Debriefing Topics


  • How did your group work together?
  • How did you decrease your times for each round?
  • What worked well?
  • How did you involve everyone in your group?
  • Who was the leader in your group? What leadership qualities did they portray?
  • How did you leverage the strengths of different members of the group?
  • How does this process relate back to the real world?