Rope Jousting

Type of Activity: Problem Solving/Time Filler/Fun!

Props Needed: One piece of rope for each pair

Process: Here is a fun activity for two participants that requires balance, skill and a certain amount of understanding and anticipating the other participant’s moves. Have everyone partner up and grab a piece of webbing/rope.  Have them stand about 8-10 feet away from each other and either put the rope behind their derriere, or hold it in front of them.  With your feet firmly planted, the object is to cause your partner to lose their balance by pulling or releasing the rope.  Letting go or losing your end of the rope totally is tantamount to a fall.  Have fun!

Variation: Raccoon Circle Rope Jousting

Use two Raccoon Circles that have been tied together with a single water knot in the middle, to form a 30 foot (9 meters) long line. Use other Raccoon Circles to form two 15 inch diameter circles (these are called zones) 10 feet (3 meters) apart. Two contenders (participants) now stand in their zones with the 30 foot long Raccoon Circle nearby. The object is to make the other person either let go of the Raccoon Circle, or to step   outside their zone by pulling, yanking and controlling the 30 foot long Raccoon Circle.  You’ll also find two interesting variations to this activity, by    using three raccoon circles in a Y formation, or a circular version made by tying several raccoon circles into one large circle.

Debriefing Topics:

  • What strategies did you use to be successful?
  • What did you like about this activity?
  • How is jousting seen in everyday life?

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