Type of Activity: Get to Know You/Ice Breaker

Props Needed: None

Set Up: You’ll need enough room for a large circle. Works well with 10 to 25 participants for 10 to 15 minutes.

Process: This is a nice muscle warm-up. Create a big circle so everyone can see each other. One person is chosen to start the action and makes a motion like bending down to touch his toes. As this first person is bending down, the participant to his right follows the same motion, and then the third to the right follows and so on (yes, like the wave) all the way around the circle. Once this motion gets around (participants hold this position until…), the second person (the participant to the right of the person who started) in the circle starts a new motion that is passed on. Go down the line a few participants to warm everyone up. (It might me helpful with some groups if the group leader stood behind and cued the next person to start the next motion).  With younger groups, it might be helpful for the leader to continue to make the motions – sort of slow motion movement so there is always some movement going on.

Variations: I’ve presented this same process with locomotive movements – I call this “skipples.” The first participant starts by moving, let’s say skips, to the right along the inside of the circle next to the other participants. The person to the right follows behind the first the third participant behind the second and so on – all skipping of course. The first participant stops at her original position in the circle, the second in his position and so on. All participants continue to skip around the inside of the circle until they return to their original position. When every participant is back the second participant (the one standing to the right of the first participant) starts a movement around the inside of the circle. Do a few skipples and then a few ripples and so on for a nice warm-up.

Debriefing Topics:

  • Why is it important to warm up before doing activities?
  • Did anyone feel silly, why did you still do the motion?

For original write up purchase "The Empty Bag" by Cavert and Hammond, pg.  20-21. 

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