Type of Activity:  Energizer

Props Needed:  Two noisemakers.

Set Up: Group forms a circle.  Instruct the people who make up the circle that they will be active boundaries for the blindfolded people in the middle.  Best for groups of 12 or more for safety but can be done with smaller groups.

Process:  This is a great variation of the popular children's game, Marco Polo.  Have the group form a circle and ask for two volunteers.  Give the volunteers each a film canister and a blindfold (or simply ask them to shut their eyes).  Have them decide who wants to be "it" and who wants to be "chased".  The object is for the person who is "it" to try to find the person who is being chased by using their noisemakers, not their voices.  The person who is "it" will shake their noisemaker.  The person who is being "chased" must respond with a shake of their noisemaker.  At that point the person who is "it" will try to move towards the sound of the person being "chased".  The person who is "it" has three chances at shaking their noisemaker for a response from the person being chased.  After all three shakes have been used the person who is it has no other opportunities for noise unless giggling gives it away.  Instruct the people on the outside of the circle that they cannot talk, but merely act as silent, safe directionals for the two inside the circle.  Fun!

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