Push Off

Type of Activity: Opener, Trust

Props Needed: None

Set Up: Have participants partner with someone relatively their same size.

Process: Instruct them to stand about 2 feet apart from one another facing one another.  With their feet planted shoulder-width apart, have them place their palms together about shoulder height.  The object is to try to push off and release with your hands to make your partner loose their balance and take a step forward or backward.  By pushing off and releasing at the right moments you can throw your partner off balance.

This is a quick activity that allows you to talk about resistance met with resistance, aggression met with aggression, and strategies for dealing with someone who is aggressive towards you.  This aggression could be verbal or physical.  After participants have partnered with someone their same size, have them partner up with someone completely smaller or larger than they are and see how differently the activity plays out.

Variations: See A-Frame

Debriefing Topics:

  • What were some of your strategies to throw your partner off balance?
  • What strategies were consistently the most successful?
  • How different was the experience when you partnered with someone who was bigger than you?  Smaller than you?
  • How could you relate your experience in this activity to dealing with a bully?
  • Describe how this activity relates to being in a verbal conflict with a friend.
  • What is a good action plan you could take if someone were bullying you?
  • Why do bullies use aggression?
  • What happened when both parties used resistance as a technique?
  • If bullies were always dealing with resistance would they be very successful?  What does that tell you about how to deal with a bully?

For more resources see: Setting the Conflict Compass

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