Promenade Tag

Type and Energy: Warm-Up, Energizer & Trust Building with mid-level energy needs.

Set Up: Objective is to work together with a partner coordinating movements around the room without making contact with any other pairs of participants.  Need 20 to 60+ participants (will need an even number of participants for this one). You’ll want a nice open space. Keep in mind that if the space is too large, pairs may find the activity less challenging – tighter quarters seems to make this one play better. Lively background music makes this one even more fun!  Good active game for about 4 to 6 minutes.

Process: Creatively pair up participants and ask the partners to stand side-by-side and hold hands in a square dancer’s “promenade” position – left hand to left hand, right hand to right hand holding like you’re shaking hands. Without letting go of hands, have the pairs practice      rotating their bodies 180 degrees. This rotation is done by one partner pushing one hand and  pulling with the other. This double action forces the partners to face in the opposite direction.   After each pair understands how to perform the 180, spread the pairs out around the playing area. On the “Go” start (or when you start the music), have pairs move forward in a straight line. As the pairs move they will encounter other pairs or other obstacles like walls. Before making contact with any obstruction, the pair must perform their 180 degree turn calling out, “Dodgem!” while  reversing direction. After the reverse, the pair proceeds forward again in their new direction until they come to another obstruction that requires a 180. As mentioned above, the smaller the playing area, the greater the number of switches and changes. Call “freeze” to stop the action or simply  turn off the music if you are using any. CAUTION: This activity requires a certain amount of trust. If participants become reckless, trust building could be compromised – keep a close watch.

Variations: Here’s a double trust progression. Connect pairs together so they are facing in opposite directions. Standing side-by-side, let’s say right shoulder to right shoulder, they will grab right hand to left hand and left hand to right hand. Before moving, assign a participant #1 and the other letter “A”. During the first round, the pairs will move in the direction participant #1 is facing. Participant “A” will not be able to see where they are going. After a turn participant “A” will be able to see what the pair just missed. You should see the increase in the trust factor. After a minute or so, switch directions – pairs move in the direction participant “A” is facing. Only try this one if you    believe the group can handle the trustibility.

Debriefing Topics:

  • What did you enjoy about this activity?
  • In what ways did you have to trust your partner?

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