Pocket Medic Debrief

Type of Activity:  Debriefing Tool,  Great for Therapeutic groups.

Props Needed:  Pocket Medic and supplies

Set Up: Pull out your Pocket Doc and lay out all of the supplies from the inside.

Process:  Explain what each piece is and what it's used for.  Ask each participant to be thinking of which items represent experiences or similarities to themselves as you explain each item.  After you are finished explaining, let each participant share why different items are similar to themselves.

  • Splinter Grabber:  Able to pull things out of difficult situations.
  • Safety pin:  Multi-purpose tool, able to perform many functions in different situations.
  • Sting relief pad:  Is able to take the "sting" out of situations.
  • Antiseptic Towlette:  Able to clean small wounds and wash things clean.
  • Double antibiotic ointment:  Used to cover small wounds.  Prevents infection in minor situations.
  • Sterile gauze pad:  Used to cover wounds for them to heal.
  • Fabric bandage:  Used to cover small wounds after cleaning.
  • Knuckle bandage:  Used to cover small wounds in specific areas.
  • Telfa dressing:  Doesn't stick to wounds.
  • Sterile wound closure strip:  Used to hold things together.
  • Moleskin:  Used to cover "hot spots" before a blistering situation occurs.
  • Mole Foam:  Has thicker skin.
  • Acetaminophen:  Used to reduce pain.
  • Ibuprofen:  Used to reduce an inflammation.



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