Playing Card Mixers

Type of Initiative:  Icebreaker

Group Size:  2-104 participants

Props Needed:  playing cards, one per participant

Playing the Game:  The first 30 minutes of any program can really set the tone for your day.  Getting your participants to connect with each other early on will alleviate any program jitters they might have coming into the day.  As participants arrive to the program a good way for them to instantly connect with others in the group it to use a deck of cards.  This activity can also serve as a good way to debrief an activity.

Give each participant a card.  Ask them to find a partner with a card that has something in common with their card.  (this could be the suit, the  number, or the color).  You could have them discuss several things.  Here are a few suggestions:

Get to Know you Topics:

  • Find three things you have in common with your partner
  • Share a goal you have for the day
  • Share why you came to the program/workshop
  • Discuss your favorite foods
  • Describe the first car you ever owned

Debriefing Topics:

  • Name 3 things you learned about one of your partners.
  • How did you find your partner(s)?  Did you rely on one method?  (suit, color, or number?)
  • Was it easy to share things about yourself?
  • Discuss how you thought the group communicated during the day.
  • Discuss who you thought the leader was in the last activity and why.


Learning styles utilized from the 7 Kinds of Smart:  ~self smart, people smart, word smart

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