Picking Apples for the Bouldering Wall

Grade level: K-6

Equipment: Laminated red apple cut outs, some kind of pouch students can wear like empty clean chalk bags.

Objective: Speed and one arm lock-offs, (strength)
Description: Slide laminated red apple cutouts between the bottom of many hand holds and the wall all over your climbing wall. Divide the group into three teams. Place teams four panels apart. The first climber from each team climbs for 30 seconds “picking” the apples and putting them into their pouch. After everyone has had a turn, or all the apples are picked, teams count to see how many apples they picked. 1-5: They can make an apple fritter! 6-10: They can make apple jelly! 10-15: They can make an apple pie! 16-20: They can start their own apple orchard!

Rules/Safety/Accommodations: As always, students should follow basic climbing wall rules. Apples can be picked only if the climber is not in contact with the ground. Dropped apples cannot be retrieved unless the climber is still on the wall and picks them off the mat. Climbers must transfer the pouch to a teammate when their 30 seconds are up. After each round, students can help put apples back on the wall. Special needs students may be assisted by a responsible peer or by an adult. You may allow some students to walk along the mat and pick only “green apples” that you have prepared and placed under holds that require special needs students to reach high.

Facilitation/Reflection Questions:

1. What did you do to make others successful in this activity?
2. What skills were developed by this activity?

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