Peter, Paul, and Mary (Ah, So, Ko)

Type of Activity: Energizer

Props Needed: None

Set Up: You’ll need room enough to circle up your group. Works well with 8 to 16 per group – multiple groups can play – for 20 to 25 minutes.

Process: This game is played just like Ah-So-Ko found in FUNN Stuff, Vol. 1, by Karl Rohnke. You can have your group sitting or standing in a circle (Single Chicken Wing to the Left). Participants use three motions in order. The first is using either arm with the hand on the chest, fingers pointing to the left or right (depending on what arm is used of course). Second motion is an open hand on the head fingers pointing to the left or the right – depending on the arm used. The third motion is arm out, hand open, fingers pointing. The motions always follow this order - after the third motion, the participant pointed to performs the first motion and so on. After making a motion the participant doing so must say the name of the person the fingers are pointing to. That person then makes the next motion saying the name of the person he or she is pointing to. This next participant points to anyone in the circle, using the third motion, and says the persons name – the one she or he is pointing at. The game continues with the first motion again. If a mistake of any kind, incorrect motion or an incorrect name, is made by a participant, he or she must find a new place in the circle and start the game again with the first motion. Fun factor: This game is meant to be played with gusto! Speed increases the opportunity to move to other places in the circle to learn more names (Okay, speed increases the mistake factor.)

Variations: Karl’s version includes the verbal sounds of, “Ahh, So, and Ko” with gusto. Same hand motions just replace the names with the sounds in order.

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