People to People

Type of Activity: Energizer

Props Needed: None

Set Up: Have everyone partner up and get into a large circle formation.  As the facilitator, start out in the middle of the circle.

Process: The facilitator will call out three different commands.  Each command requires an action from the group.  The commands consist of calling out different body parts.  For instance, if you call out hand to shoulder blade, then the partners would respond by putting a hand on their partners' shoulder blade.  The next command would be a different body part configuration, say head to toe.  The group would respond by figuring out how to get a head to touch a toe.  One more command is given out, hand to heel.  After three commands are given out then the person in the middle calls out "People to People!"  At this point the participants scramble for a new partner.  Whoever is left without a partner becomes the caller in the middle.  Have them get as creative as they want but still being appropriate.

Variation: A twister-like variation would be to require the groups to hold all three command before the ‘people to people’ command is given out.  So with the example above, groups would have to hold the hand to shoulder blade command, then add the head to toe command, then add the hand to heel command.  Twister anyone?

Debriefing Topics:

  • How did you support your partner?
  • What made this game fun?
  • What feelings did you experience if you could not find a partner and you became the next caller?

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