Pass Your Own Name Game

Type of Activity: Get to Know You/Name Game

Props Needed: None

Set Up: You’ll need enough room to circle up your group. Works well with 8 to 25 participants for 10 to 15 minutes. (If we have more than 16 participants make multiple circles.)

Process: This is an interesting name game that is much more challenging than it appears. Choose a participant to start the action. The action is a participant pointing to another participant in the circle with an    outstretched arm and hand and then saying his or her OWN name. The participant pointed at chooses another participant to point at and says his or her own name. Each participant pointed at continues the action. If a mistake is made, after the laughing (with and not at), have the mistaken participant restart with a point and a pass of his or her own name. The underlying challenge is to keep this activity  going at a good pace – moving as quickly as possible. This adds to the excitement factor.

Variations: Sometimes we start out pointing and saying the name of the participant we are pointing at – to learn names. Then we up the challenge by passing our own name. You could also change the objective into a fun filled game. If a participant makes a mistake they are asked to step out of the circle to observe (or be hecklers) the remainder of the game – playing down to the last few participants  standing. Can also time the group to see how fast they can pass the name.

Debriefing Topics:

  • Who could name every person in the circle?
  • How was this game confusing?
  • How important is laughter in our daily lives? (Laugh with each other, not at each other).
  • Did anyone make a mistake? How did you move forward from mistakes?

For original write up purchase "The Empty Bag" by Cavert and Hammond. 

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