Partner Watch

Feedback from another participant


Type of Activity:  Processing

Many corporations encourage mentoring, coaching, 360 degree feedback sessions and other forms of job related and performance feedback.  In a similar manner, the Partner Watch technique allows a participant to receive helpful feedback directly from another participant. 

Props Needed: None

Concept:  It is helpful for participants to understand the role of feedback.  An example from the facilitator before the activity helps provide guidelines for appropriate feedback.  Some  organizations may have a focus or theme for the program, and the partner watch can align with this theme (such as watching for leadership skills, application of a recently learned corporate skill, empowerment, creative problem solving, decision making, etc.)

It is also possible, during the pre-activity partnership formation, for each participant to solicit specific feedback from their partner.  For example, “I’d like to work on my problem solving skills.  Please watch me to see if I utilize all the resources available during this challenge.”

Process:  Before beginning an activity, the facilitator invites participants to form partnerships of 2 to 3 people.

Next, the facilitator explains the partner watch technique, and encourages careful observation during the activity.

After the completion of the task or challenge, partners are asked to review the activity together, and share observations and feedback related to their partner’s performance.


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