Pantomime Shuffle

Pantomime Shuffle

Props Needed:  Category Mania Thumball

Directions:  Circle the group and explain the rules from the inside the circle.

"This activity is sort of a combination between charades and hot potato.  In just a moment, I am going to toss this ball to someone in the circle.  That person will immediately get rid of the ball like a hot potato, but he or she will be responsible to pantomime something to me that is within our topic.

The ball will continue to be tossed around.  When I correctly guess what the message is, the two of us will quickly do a high five and I will get into the circle. Whoever has the ball (or should have the ball) at the instant we high five will go to the center of the circle and toss the ball to anyone to start the process again."

To add extra excitement to the game, divide the whole group into smaller circles, give the activity a limited time (like 3 minutes) and challenge the teams to get the most high fives.  If the energy is up, go for another round or two. You could even change topics. By the way, once people are into the game, you can use topics that cause the players to review a subject they have been learning.

Created by Sam Sikes.

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