Opposite Pairs

Type of Activity: Problem Solving, Pairing Activity

Props Needed: Opposite Pairs puzzle pieces, one for each participant.

Set Up: This activity is great for younger groups.  It is simple enough that most kids should be able to find their pair.  Before handing out the puzzle pieces, make sure you have sorted out the pairs and have the correct matches. Give each person a puzzle piece.

Process: Explain to the group that someone else in the group will have the opposite to the piece that they have.  They can help each other find their opposites however they want.

Recognizing differences is an important building block in developing language and literacy skills.  Once everyone has found their opposite you can collect all of the pieces and play again.  This is a great way to partner up children with someone they may not usually spend time with.

These cards have English on one side and Spanish on the other side.

Debriefing Topics:

  • You can talk about why the cards are different and then evolve the conversation into subjects such as why people look and feel different.
  • Ask them to find three things they have in common and three things that are different about each other.

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