On The Level

Type of Activity:  Processing

Some simple props can help participants frame a review session.  Here, a common hardware tool is used to identify a category related to the group’s performance.

Concepts:  A simple diagnostic tool, in this case, a standard hardware store builder’s level, provides a tactile tool that participants can identify with, and that creates categories for describing the performance of the group.

Props Needed: A standard builder’s level, available in most hardware stores.

Process:  At the completion of the activity, the facilitator presents the group with the level, and explains that it is typically used to make sure that structures are level and true.

In some cases, it is possible for two different builders to read the same level, and yet come up with different ideas about the trueness of a particular structure.

In the case of the most recent activity, this level can be used to identify the performance of the group.  Which of the following categories do you think best describe the performance of the group:

  • Dead Center - This bubble reading indicates that the group is perfectly level, right on target, and that there is no room for improvement.
  • On the Level - Not quite perfect, but definitely within the lines.
  • Half a Bubble Off - This level reading indicates that the group is not quite there, that some adjustment is needed, or that a greater effort is required to reach perfection.
  • Off the Mark - This reading indicates that the group feels they were not exactly on target, but that they did ‘good enough.’  This category is sometimes described as the “anything not worth doing, is not worth doing well” category.  Plenty of room for improvement here, but the group may not want to put any more effort into this particular task.
  • At the South End of the Field- This reading indicates that the group feels that their efforts are below the standards set by their company, their customers, and even themselves.  Readings at this level should include the opportunity to try the task again.

Other hardware related questions include:  It is possible to be ‘level’ in one plane or direction, and yet be ‘off’ in another?  Do you think it is possible to be so  focused as a group on one goal that we forget to work with the other important, but lesser goals?



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