Name by Name

Type of Activity:  Name Game

Props Needed:  None

Set Up:  This only works if you have a group of people that does not know each other's names already. 

Process:  Have everyone go around the circle and announce what their names are.  After all the names have been said, announce the challenge.  All  participants must now rearrange themselves so that the circle is alphabetical by first name.  No talking, no signing or gesturing, no showing name tags.  Helpful pointing or repositioning is allowed, but the challenge is for individuals to place themselves in the circle in the appropriate place.

Once the group has moved and the circle is re-formed, that ends Round One.  Check whether the group is correct by listening as all the names are said again.  If people are out of sequence and   corrections need to be made, allow people to move a second time (again with no speaking, etc.).  Take another test.  So ends Round Two.  The challenge is to form an alphabetical circle in the fewest number of rounds possible.

Debriefing Topics:

  • Does everyone know everyone else’s name in the circle?
  • Is there anyone who would like to try to successfully name each person in the circle?


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