Mood Dudes

Type of Activity: Processing, Diversity, Feeling Recognition

Here are several ways you can use Mood Dudes.  They are helpful for counseling sessions or any program in which you would like people to discuss  their feelings.  There are five faces depicting  sad, happy, disgusted, shocked, and anxious emotions.

Props Needed:  Squeezable Mood Dude faces

Concept:  Having tangible feelings faces for participants to hold onto while talking about their feelings.

Process:  Here are a few suggestions on ways to use Mood Dudes.

  • Put them in the center of your sharing circle and let your participants pick and choose which feeling they want to talk about or have experienced.
  • Use them with individuals and have them talk about an experience with each expression.
  • Use them with character development programs.
  • Having something tangible for your participants to hold onto while talking may help soften the experience of talking in front of others.



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