Type of Activity: Problem Solving

Props Needed: None

Set Up: (shared with us by Karl Rohnke, right after he tried it for the first time on an unsuspecting group he was working with) You’ll need enough room for your group to make a circle. Plays well with 8 to 25 (or more) for 10 to 15 minutes.

Process: Mono-Pod requires a bit of leg strength, actually, single leg strength. So, we tend to plan this one with groups who are a bit more interested in the physical parts of the challenges. Circle up your group and have them hold hands (this can change if the group sees fit to do so). Ask the  participants to then support themselves by standing on their strongest leg. Have them put their free leg up into the center of the circle – it just needs to be off the ground. The challenge for the group, while keeping in contact with each other, is for all participants to squat down together on the support leg as far as possible (the ultimate is sitting on the support heel) and then stand back up together without touching the ground with any other parts of their bodies – the tough “part” is the other leg. We allow the group to plan any strategy that will fit the parameters – the participants in constant contact and only a single foot from each participant touching the ground.

WARNING: There is the safety risk of falling over so make the participants aware of supporting each other as much as possible. Also, if there are participants that are concerned about their knee strength, invite them to help spot the group – a very important role!

Variations: You could try this one first with small groups then combine groups to see how the dynamics change similar to Butt to Butt.

Debriefing Topics:

  • Describe the specific steps taken that enabled your success.
  • What was difficult about this activity for you?
  • How did the group communicate?

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