Making Connections

Type of Activity: Get to Know You

Props Needed: None

Set Up: Enough space to end up in a large circle with your group. Plays well with 8 to 25 for 12 to 18 minutes.

Process: The ultimate objective for the group is to be linked up in a circle. One participant is chosen to start (often times we as facilitators choose to start to role model the idea). This first participant places her right hand on her hip making a link area with her elbow. She then begins to share true statements or qualities about herself to the group. (We like to encourage qualities that are not  common knowledge or visually apparent like clothes or physical features. However, this might be okay for some groups). As soon as someone else in the group has something in common with one of her statements they move over to “link” arms with this person (this new participant using his left to link with the first participants right), then forming the next link with a right hand on the hip. The participant that just linked up then starts making true statements or qualities about himself. This process keeps going until all are linked together. The last person must then be able to “link” back to the first participant, through a true statement or quality, to close the circle – reaching the ultimate objective.

Variations: You could use this process with the “Build a Story” game. The first participant opens a story with, “Once upon a time in a well lit room.” When someone in the group wants to add to that sentence they link up with the first participant and continue the story, “Crowds of people gathered to hear the news.” New participants can then link on to build the story from there.

Debriefing Topics:

  • What new things did you learn about your teammates?
  • Were you nervous for it to be your turn?
  • How did creativity come into play in this activity?

For original write up purchase "The Empty Bag" by Cavert and Hammond. 

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