Lemonade Stand

Grade level: 4-12

Equipment:  Tennis balls, plastic cups, buckets, (water optional)

Objective: To traverse the wall without dropping tennis balls/cups of water.

Description: Prior to class randomly place tennis balls all over the wall.  Split the class into two teams.  Have one team start at one end of the wall and the other team start at the other end.  Explain to them they are rival lemonade stands on opposite corners of the street.  The objective is to fill the lemonade bucket with more lemons (tennis balls) than the other team.  The basic rules are:  Students should follow all safety rules while climbing.  If anyone makes an unsafe move, that lemon (tennis ball) must be returned to its starting point and that student must go to the end of the line.  (You may want to have a few students be safety monitors during the activity).  No lemons can be thrown, they must be passed from one student to the next or traversed across the wall by one student and placed in the bucket.  The activity is over when all of the lemons have been removed from the tree (wall).

Variation:  If your wall is outside (or if you don't mind your floor getting a little wet) you can do this activity with plastic cups and water.  Great for those hot, summer days!  Place buckets of water along the bottom of the wall or attach them to the wall (if possible).  Give each student a crush proof cup.  Mark the buckets with a 'fill to' line with masking tape.  Explain that the activity is over when a team fills their bucket to the line first.  All the other rules from above apply as well.

Rules/Safety/Accommodations: Students should follow basic climbing wall rules.  If using the water variation, make sure that Spotters are on high alert.  Wet hands make for slippery climbing.

Facilitation/Reflection Questions:

  1. What was your biggest challenge in this activity?
  2. How did your spotter help you?
  3. What was your favorite part of this activity?


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