Later Letters

Type of Activity:  Processing, Reflection

This popular activity is a perfect way for participants to engage in self-reflection long after the program is complete.

Props Needed:  Paper, envelopes, stamps, and pens or pencils.

Concept:  To allow participants to receive a letter from themselves at a later date to remind them of their experience during the program.

Set Up:  Give each participant a piece of paper, pen/pencil and envelope.

Process:  Ask each person to write a letter to themselves describing their experience from this program.

After they have finished writing have them seal the letter inside the envelope, and write their mailing address on the front of the envelope.

Seal letters and mail them back to their authors at some other strategic time.  If you have the ability to keep up with a calendar, ask the participants to place a date on the back of the envelope as to when they would like to receive the letter.  Then you can mail the letter to them a few days before the wished to receive it.  A file cabinet system and good organization are key to making this work.

As an alternative, before sealing each envelope, other members of the group can include greetings, mailing addresses, birthday wishes, email addresses, sketches or photographs.  And don't forget a greeting from the group's facilitator.



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