Index Card Debrief / Back to Back

Type of Activity: Processing

Props Needed: Index cards with processing questions written on them, or blank index cards and pens for the participants to come up with their own.

This activity combines debriefing with the icebreaker 'Back to Back', and  is a great way to process in large groups.

Concept: Creating an active, one-on-one debriefing session.

Set Up: Write processing questions on index cards and pass one out to each participant, or have the participants write their own processing questions.

Process: Have participants find partners and stand back to back.

When the facilitator calls out 'Front to Front' each person finds a new partner and begin discussing the question that is on each of their cards.

When the facilitator calls out 'Back to Back' the duo exchange cards, turn and place their backs together.  Its amazing how the talking will stop as soon as people are not facing one another!

When the facilitator calls out 'Front to Front', each person finds a new partner and begins discussing the new question that is on their new card.

After a few exchanges bring the group back together and ask for volunteers to share some of their discussions.

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