Index Card Castles

Type of Activity: Processing

Concept: To have each group write down the foundations of learning they had during the program and build a card castle.

Props Needed: Index cards, writing utensils for each person, tape (optional).

Set Up: Have the group break into smaller group of about 3-5.  If you have a group of 10 have 3 groups of 3-4.  If you have a group of 300 have 30 groups of 10 (or whatever works for you).  Give a generous stack of index cards and markers/pens to each group.  You can get index cards in multiple colors which will create some colorful castles in the end.

Process: This is a great activity for large group debriefs.

Instruct each group to write down some foundations of learning that they acquired throughout the day.  Have them use a new card for each new learning/foundation.

After about 5-8 minutes of writing time instruct each group to build a card castle with their index cards.  It can be as unique as they want it to be.  You can also provide tape which adds a completely different dimension to the castles.

Invite them to connect their castle to at least two other castles.  They can do this however they want, but each group must build their own castle, not a combination group castle.  Usually they will use a line of blank index cards to create pathways from one castle to another.  If they are asked only to connect to one other castle, the ‘global village’ aspect of this activity will be lost.

As each group finishes have them step back from their castle and stand along the outside of the ‘village.’  In the end it will be obvious that each castle is indirectly connected to every other castle in the room.  In very large groups, it will look like a global village from the outside, seeing how one castle on one end is connected to the castle on the far end as well.

A few closing comments about staying/being connected is a great way to complete this activity.

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