In Group, Out Group

Type of Activity: Diversity

Props Needed: Flip Chart, markers

Set Up: In this activity we are going to talk about differences and stereotypes that you have heard other people say about groups of people.

Process: Generate a list of all the different types of people in your community.  Some possibilities might be “girls, athletes, African-Americans, etc.”  Aim for twenty or so.  Divide the room into an “in group” and “out group”, placing sheets of paper that say “in group” and “out group”.  Select one of the categories from your list.  Anyone who feels that they description matches them should go to the “in group” side of the room.  Those who feel that the description does not match them should go to the “out group” side of the room.  Have both sides spend about one minute creating a list of all the things that they have heard people say about that group.  Repeat the process as many times as you want selecting a diverse category.

Debriefing Topics:

  • How different were the lists generated by the “in group” and the “out group” for each topic?
  • Why do you think they were similar or different?
  • Where do the stereotypes on this list come from?
  • How much pressure do such stereotypes place on those people in the “in group.”
  • Referring to both the more “positive” and more “negative” stereotypes, what is the benefit of such stereotyping for the “out group”?  What are the pitfalls?

For resources: Mosaic ProjectSetting the Conflict Compass

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