Human Warp

Type of Activity: Problem Solving

Props Needed: None

Set Up: Need enough room for your group to create a comfortable circle. Plays well with 10 to 25 participants for 20 to 30 minutes.

Process: We discovered a fun prop-less way to present the traditional Group Juggle activity. Call for a Double Chicken Wing circle (see The Chicken Game in Get to Know You’s).  Ask the group to establish an “order” to pass a clap around through the group. We help this process by first asking someone (participant 1) to start out by pointing to someone across the circle from them (participant 2) – not at   someone next to them. Participant 2 points to a different participant (participant 3). Participant 3 points to a participant 4 and so on until the last participant pointed to points at participant 1 – each participant points to one participant and each participant is only pointed at once. After this “order” has been created, challenge the group to pass a clap through the order as fast as they can (you might like to use a stopwatch if this helps to motivate the group. If you ask a group member to time the activity would this one still be a prop-less? Hey, you didn’t have to bring anything!).

Here is where the facilitator comes in. We tend to use this activity in the context of “outside assessment.” Many situations in the “real world” are monitored by an outside influence like a boss, the customer, or a parent. So, in this case the facilitator will be regulating the claps. The guidelines that will be monitored are, 1) no two participants can be clapping at the same time and 2) each participant must perform a clap – the claps must be none simultaneous performed in sequence through the established order. In other words if there are 20 participants in your group you need to hear 20 different claps – each participant making a clap keeping with the established order. We stick with this one as long as the energy is good. You could then move into the infamous Warp Speed type of activity. Challenge the group to some unbelievably low time, say 5 seconds. If they were to think “out-of-the-box” as we say, they could achieve the time by moving and standing next to the participant they are passing their clap to, keeping the same “order,” thus more able to coordinate claps.

Note: Use your best judgment as to when and how to present the challenges here.

Variations: Take out the claps and use this process with Pass Your Own Name Game found in the Icebreakers.

Debriefing Topics:

  • How was the group able to accomplish the task?
  • What strategies did the group come up with?
  • What communication strategies did you use?

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