Human Treasure Hunt

Type of Activity:  Get to Know You

Props Needed:  Copies of Human Treasure Hunt Worksheet (Click Here) and writing utensil.

Set Up:  Good for groups 8—25 or the number of blanks on your treasure sheet.  Give each participant a treasure hunt list and a writing utensil.

Process:  The task is to mingle within the group and identify a different person for each fact on the list.  Participants attempt to complete their entire list utilizing different people.  The person matching your treasure hunt item must sign your treasure hunt list.

Variation:  You can create your own lists to be unique to each group if you'd like. Create a list in a grid structure similar to a Bingo Board (Human Bingo) then ask participants to get “black out” on their card.

Debrief Topics:

  • Which ones were hardest to fill?
  • Did anyone have to use a name twice? Did you need to?
  • Did you put in your own name?


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